Recordings – Workshop One

  • Dr Mirna Solic (University of Glasgow): Welcome and a brief introduction to the project  
  • Louise Glen (Education Scotland): How Scotland’s languages landscape is changing.
  • Maria Walker (Head of EAL, Glasgow Dyslexia Support Service; Glasgow City Council): Some new approaches to teaching about migration in Glasgow schools 
  • Jemma Tipping(Principal Teacher, Kings Park Secondary, Glasgow): Migration: where we have been, where are we going 
  • Dr Kirsten McMullan (English; King’s Park Secondary) Teaching migration through literature: opportunities and missed chances. 
  • Graeme Brown (Depute Headteacher; Dunfermline High School): How/where migration issues are taught in the secondary curriculum
  • Geraldine Emans (ESOL and Nurture teacher): Does Immersion Risk Desertion of Individual Needs for EAL Learners? 
  • Dr Ingeborg Birnie (Strathclyde University, Scottish Council of Deans of Education and Council of Europe’s European Centre of Modern Languages Expert Group member): The National Framework for Languages Supporting Teachers in Understanding and Promoting Linguistic and Cultural Diversity. 
  • Dr Helen Ross (Independent Researcher/secondary school teacher; Wiltshire, England): Where do we slot in? Teaching migration in an English secondary school