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How to Talk About Migrations? A competition for primary and secondary Scottish schools

This competition is funded by the Royal Society of Edinburgh, as part of the project How to Talk About Migrations? Current Academic Research in Migration Studies and its Relevance for School Curriculum in Scotland and Further Afield

We invite pupils and teachers to participate in this exciting competition that explores how we teach and learn about migration — creatively and with empathy. We live in a world that sees many people on the move, and our pupils may have been part of these experiences themselves. In schools, migration may make the topic of creative projects and classroom activities — a unique opportunity for pupils to learn from each other and about each other.

Through this competition, we want to bring forward the best and most creative ideas on teaching and learning about migrations in Scottish schools. We would like to hear about your teaching activities/practices and/or activities that may enable conversations about migration in schools – from language learning, literature, history, to personal experiences. The competition aims to acknowledge and make visible the cultural and linguistic diversity of Scottish primary and secondary schools. The purpose of this competition is to explore how to raise awareness and learn about migration, and move conversations beyond narrow and often negative stereotypes. We advocate and understand migration as a multifaceted and omnipresent fact of life, and hope that the submissions for this competition will reflect this vision.


£100.00 worth book tokens


  • Launch: Tuesday, 16 November 2021 (The United Nations International Day for Tolerance)
  • Closing date for submission of entries:  25 April 2022 (DEADLINE EXTENDED!)

Submission guidelines

Teachers or teams of teachers and pupils are invited to submit their best materials that showcase how migration is taught in their respective schools. Projects could be in English or in other languages to reflect the spirit of the school and of the competition.

Two types of submissions will be accepted:

  • Lesson plans or project outlines;
  • Pupils’ work which may include using family stories, photographs and memorable objects; inventing other countries or imagining being someone else. Drawings and illustrations, performances, video recordings or a picture/slides with recorded voiceovers, poems, essays, and writings in general. Where more than one material is submitted, we encourage the submission of a short description (one page maximum) of the project and the materials submitted.
  • We welcome past projects, as well as current projects implemented or in the planning stage. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about your potential submission.

Further guidelines:

The competition is open to all primary and secondary schools

  • All submissions will be showcased on the project website:
  • The selected finalists in each age category will be invited to join us for the award ceremony
  • All contestants will receive a certificate acknowledging their participation. The winning entries will be rewarded with a book token worth £100.00

Please note: All submissions that include pupil work should be accompanied by a signed media privacy notice and a consent form (digital signatures are allowed).

You can download both the privacy notice and the consent form from our project website here. The entry form is available here.

How to submit your entries:

Please email your submission along with your entry and consent forms to:

Please make sure that all files (your submission, entry form and consent form) contain the following in the file name: school name, pupil or team name, and age category (e.g., HyndlandSecondarySmithS2).

Should you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us at   We are looking forward to receiving your submissions!

With best wishes,

How to Talk About Migrations Team:
Mirna Solic
Elwira Grossman
Lavinia Hirsu
Dobrochna Futro