School Competition

How to Talk About Migrations? Competition for primary and secondary Scottish schools

In recognition of the fantastic work  on the theme of migration the book tokens were awarded to

Broomhill Primary School ???

King’s Park Secondary School ???


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This competition was funded by the Royal Society of Edinburgh, as part of the project How to Talk About Migrations? Current Academic Research in Migration Studies and its Relevance for School Curriculum in Scotland and Further Afield

We invited pupils and teachers to participate in this exciting competition that explored how we teach and learn about migration — creatively and with empathy.

We live in a world that sees many people on the move, and our pupils may have been part of these experiences themselves. In schools, migration may make the topic of creative projects and classroom activities — a unique opportunity for pupils to learn from each other and about each other.

Through this competition, we wanted to bring forward the best and most creative ideas on teaching and learning about migrations in Scottish schools. We wanted to hear about teaching activities/practices and/or activities that may enable conversations about migration in schools – from language learning, literature, history, to personal experiences. The competition aimed to acknowledge and make visible the cultural and linguistic diversity of Scottish primary and secondary schools. The purpose of this competition was to explore how to raise awareness and learn about migration, and move conversations beyond narrow and often negative stereotypes. We advocate and understand migration as a multifaceted and omnipresent fact of life, and the submissions for this competition reflected this vision.