Workshop Three

Mapping migration(s) globally: experiences, concerns, and recommendations

26 February 2022; University of Glasgow/online.  

This event addresses the following two issues: 

A) What is the current state-of-affairs when it comes to mapping issues regarding research and teaching migrations in schools globally? 

B) What are current curricular challenges in the Scottish context vs. other international contexts?  

C) What lines of research and practice would be necessary to strengthen the provision of research and teaching approaches to migration from an interdisciplinary creative perspective? 

This event mirrors the structure and aims of the Workshop One, with the difference that it focuses on experiences of international scholars and practitioners when it comes to challenges of incorporating and teaching migration(s) in different school systems. As the final in our series of research workshops, this event will be also used to compare, discuss and sum up experiences, as well as draw some preliminary recommendations for future collaborations.